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Fusu to hold auction at DomainConvergence 2009

Fusu will hold a live domain auction at the DomainConvergence conference in Toronto, scheduled for August 2009. This marks the second appearance of Fusu auctions at the DomainConvergence conference.

Introducing Domain Auctions

We are happy to announce the introduction of domain auctions to Fusu. Fusu Auctions allow you to list your domains for sale and gain exposure to the Fusu community of domain investors.

We have two auction formats:

  • Anyone can list a domain for a Standard Auction. Fusu does not require domain ownership verification in this case, nor process payment, but provides just the auction platform. We charge 1% of the reserve price.

Fusu Introduces Community Voting

You can now vote for domains to be listed on Fusu.

Since launch, we got hundreds of domain submissions. The decision whether to list a domain or not has often been difficult and slow.

So now, we let our users decide!

Any domain that is submitted to Fusu will first go to a Community Voting. If the domain collects more than 10 votes and the majority of voters is positive, it will go to a Fusu IDO Auction to place the actual shares.

Meet Fusu at Domainer Meeting in Paris!

We invite you to join us at the Domainer Meeting in Paris, Thursday, June 19 to Friday, June 20, 2008. We would love to meet you personally and hear your feedback and suggestions for Fusu!

As a special for our users, we have 50 discounted conference passes available. You can save 100 Euro off the regular price of 450 Euro. To claim the code, please just reply to this mail - first come, first serve!

Who? The domain industry! The event is open to all interested domain industry professionals.

New Domains: Fi.org and Encrypt.com

This week and next, we are listing two more premium names, Fi.org and Encrypt.com.

Fi.org has an initial value of $100,00. It is a premium two letter name, a category that is traded on the domain aftermarket for six figure amounts per name due to the rarity of possible combinations. The domain is currently parked, earning $20 to $30 per day. That advertising revenue will be paid out as monthly dividend to all shareholders.

Social Network On Fusu - Who Is The Best In Fractional Domaining?

Today, we have added new social network functionality to Fusu. See what domain shares your Buddies are buying and selling, and how your investment is comparing with that of your friends.

The goal is to add a social component to fractional domain ownership. We think that seeing what your friends are doing on Fusu actually makes domain investment much more fun!

To get started, go to the My Buddies page, and either look for your friends by typing their name or organization into the search field, or send someone an invitation to Fusu. Once they accept your invitation, you will see

New Homepage Live

We have updated our homepage to make it easier to use and more friendly to the eye. In addition, we have moved the Members Only menu to the left and added some indicators - for example, you now see your current credit all the time without having to go the My Accounts page.

Please let us know what you think about these changes!

First Domain Sold Via Fusu

Today marks another milestone for Fusu: A domain listed on Exchange was sold, bringing its shareholders a significant return for their investment.

KPY.com was listed on Exchange during the public Beta cycle with a value of $5,000 and found 14 investors buying 45% of the domain. In the trading, the market value of the domain rose to $5,800.

The premium three letter name attracted the interest of a US domain investor, who made an offer to buy the domain for a nearly five-figure sum. STD Symptoms

Developers: Include Fusu Domains On Your Site

If you would like to show domains that are trading on Fusu on your own web site, you can do that now. We have created three XML feeds:

  • List of all domains trading on Fusu: http://www.fusu.com/xml/all_daily.xml
  • List of domains currently in Fusu IDO Auctions: http://www.fusu.com/xml/auctions_current_daily.xml
  • Upcoming Fusu IDO Auctions: http://www.fusu.com/xml/auctions_upcoming_daily.xml

All feeds are updated daily.

New IDO Auctions: Poker.in, Xaj.com, RVX.com

Over the next week, new Fusu IDO Auctions are starting for Poker.in, Xaj.com and RVX.com.

RVX.com was previously in an IDO Auction already but not all shares could be placed. The domain value is now lowered to $4,000 (from $5,000) and more shares were created, so that the initial share price is lower. It will be interesting to see if a smaller value domain can be placed; the valuation is certainly a steal for a three-letter domain, with realistic potential for a re-sale at a much higher price.

Enjoy and good luck in your investments!