Fusu to hold auction at DomainConvergence 2009

Fusu will hold a live domain auction at the DomainConvergence conference in Toronto, scheduled for August 2009. This marks the second appearance of Fusu auctions at the DomainConvergence conference.

Bido is a fantastic new

Bido is a fantastic new platform for transacting domains, bringing increased liquidity to the domain world. The Executives at Bido are doing the right things by constantly improving the auction platform and carefully thinking through the entire domain transaction process. They are a thoughtful group of people and seem to have comprehensive business plan to bring real improvements to domaining world wide. dedicated server

Welcome to the PreBuilt

Welcome to the PreBuilt domain management and site creation system. We are very excited to make this service available to the public after many years of internal use by our parent organization.

We are operating in Beta, which means there are still some bugs to get worked out. Many of the features we plan to roll out are built, but will not be released until each previous version of the software is verified to be stable.

Currently the Prebuilt.com software is operating on around 11,000 domain names and rising. To give you an idea of how powerful this system is, these 11,000 domain names are all owned and managed by one person...in his spare time. This entire software platform was created based on the concept that building several hundred page simple, attractive, functional, and profitable websites should be ridiculously simple cheap web hosting.

The capabilities of the Prebuilt software are endless. Give us a shout if you'd like to be invited to try out the Beta version.