Fusu Introduces Community Voting

You can now vote for domains to be listed on Fusu.

Since launch, we got hundreds of domain submissions. The decision whether to list a domain or not has often been difficult and slow.

So now, we let our users decide!

Any domain that is submitted to Fusu will first go to a Community Voting. If the domain collects more than 10 votes and the majority of voters is positive, it will go to a Fusu IDO Auction to place the actual shares.

The new process of listing a domain on Fusu is therefore:

  1. A domain is submitted by the domain owner via Portfolio, Initial Domain Offering.
  2. Community Voting determines if the domain goes to the next step of a
  3. Fusu IDO Auction. If the domain shares can be placed, then the domain is
  4. listed on Fusu and starts trading.

All registered users can vote. As a special for the introduction of Community Voting, $200 in Fusu credits will be given to one randomly chosen voter on July 1st.

Please go to Orders/Community Voting in your Member menu to vote.

Happy voting, and good luck!

PS: Terms of the $200 random drawing: Any Fusu user may participate by voting in one or more Community Voting Polls. A winner will be chosen randomly from all votes on July 1st, 12.00 GMT. The winner will be notified by email and his username will be displayed on the Fusu website. The $200 will be deposited into his Fusu account. The funds cannot be paid out and are to be used for share or domain purchases. Company decision regarding the winner is final.

Community Voting

I think the Domain Community Voting is a great idea. I believe we will see from this some great IDO's.