Domain Owners

You have created a valuable domain portfolio by carefully evaluating potential deals, catching names from the drop market, or winning on auctions. But only the best generic names make significant amount of revenue using traditional parked pages providers.

Does parking provide enough liquidity to finance further domain purchases? For any serious domain investor, selling domains is always a second choice - because you believe that domains will increase their value over the next years.

Listing your domain on Fusu can provide liquidity for your domain acquisition strategy.

"Going public" happens when the domain owner sells shares of its domain to the public for the first time. This is called an Initial Domain Offering, or IDO.

Prior to going public, a domain owner contacts Fusu to advise them about how many shares to offer and the price of the shares. Approval is based on verification of the domain owner, fitness of the domain, and realistic market value. Once approved, investors can buy shares and sell them on the Fusu exchange.