Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequent questions asked by domainers and investors about Fusu - The Domain Stock Exchange.

General (3)
Fusu is the Domain Stock Exchange. Instead of buying domains in its entirety, it allows investors to invest in fractional ownership ("shares") of domains. Like a traditional stock exchange, Fusu provides the trading platform for owners, shareholders and investors.
Fusu a.s. is a share company based in Slovakia. It was founded by a group of industry professionals and is backed by EuroDNS, the Luxembourg-based registrar.
Domains are kept at Fusu Certified Registrars; Fusu has to approve any owner change or transfer.
Domain Owners (5)
You can list between 10 and 45% of your domain. At this point, we don't allow to list a higher percentage because we want to keep the ownership of the domain clear.
You can order the Fusu Showcase to display your domains more prominently on the Domain Directory and on users' My Fusu pages.
By listing your domain on Fusu, you can get immediate liquidity without giving up control of your domain. At the same time, you gain exposure and visibility for your premium name, and benefit directly from its increase in value.
Domain owners are required to split the revenue of a domain sale with their shareholders. In addition, if a domain is sold for less than 150% of the current market value, then the approval of 90% of all shareholders is required. In order to guarantee that a domain is not sold bypassing Fusu and the domain's shareholders, domain owners are required to keep the listed domains with Fusu Certified Registrars.
No; since you can sell a maximum of 45%, you remain the owner and in control of the name. You can decide to sell the name at any point. Depending on the sale price, you will need the approval of 90% of the shareholders; if the sale price is higher than 150% of the current market value, the shareholders will be paid out automatically.
Investors and Shareholders (3)

A Fusu IDO Auction is the process of auction that allows the allocation of shares and the finding of an initial share price before an Initial Domain Offering.

In a Fusu IDO Auction, users bid to buy shares of a domain at a certain price.

Here is an example: A domain owner lists 45% of at Fusu with an initial domain value of $10,000. A user could then say that he or she is willing ot buy 100 shares of a domain at $1 per share. If all shares (4,500 in the example) can be placed using this auction process, then the domain will be listed on Fusu.

A graphical illustration of this concept can be seen in our Flash Tour.

The domain market is growing rapidly; by buying shares, you can diversify your investments and decrease the risk that you would have when relying on single expensive domain names. Over the longer term, shares can produce significant capital gains through the increase in share prices.
Yes, you can, just like on a traditional stock exchange. This is a high risk investment, and the domain may be taken off the Exchange because of UDRP proceedings or other unforeseen factors. On the other hand, you have this risk when buying a domain directly. By investing in shares, you are not registrant or majority owner of the domain, so you are never exposed directly to legal risks.
Using Fusu (2)

For 50% of all winning bids at a Fusu IDO Auction, Sell Bids are automatically created at a 10% premium to the initial share price. These bids are valid for 7 days.

This was introduced in order to guarantee some liquidity and access to shares to "late comers" in the market.

There is no membership fee for Fusu. Investors only pay a transaction fee whenever they sell or buy shares. This fee is 1% of the transaction volume, with a maximum amount of $50 per transaction.
Fusu Auctions (2)

In IDO (Initial Domain Offering) Auctions, investors purchase shares of a domain.

Fusu Auctions are classical auctions, selling the complete domain.

Fusu Auctions are classical domain auctions. The domain owner sells the complete domain to the winning bidder.

There are three different types of Fusu Auctions:

  • Premium/Prepaid Auction:

    • The domain is reviewed and guaranteed by Fusu.
    • In order to bid, users have to charge their Fusu account with the amount they want to bid. This guarantees that the winning bidder will pay for the domain, but may have an adverse effect on bidding motivation.
    • Fusu charges both buyer and seller a 1% fee of the winning bid.
  • Premium/Postpaid:
    • The domain is reviewed and guaranteed by Fusu.
    • After the end of the auction, the winning bidders pays using Fusu as escrow agent, via Paypal or wiretransfer.
    • Fusu charges both buyer and seller a 1% fee of the winning bid.
  • Standard:
    • The domain is listed immediately for auction.
    • The domain is not reviewed or guaranteed by Fusu.
    • After the end of the auction, the winning bidders pays the domain owner directly.
    • Fusu charges 1% of the Reserve Price. If the domain owner choses an auction without Reserve, there is no charge.