Fusu accounts are prepaid, meaning that users first fund their account, and then fees are subtracted fom the account. Payouts can be requested at any time and are executed within three working days.

Fusu Price List

version 1.1, effective since 07/01/2008

Description Fee
Initial Domain Offering
1% to domain owner on effective transactions,
Domain value: $100,000. Shares: 100,000. Percentage listed: 30% (30,000 shares). Fee to domain owner: $300.
Transactions 1%, with a maximum of $50. Buying 1,000 shares at $2 per share (total value: $2,000); Fee: $20.
Fusu Showcase $49 per 30 days.
Premium Investor Status
Invest $5,000 in shares, or $449 per year.
Standard Auction 1% of Reserve Price
Premium Auction 1% to Buyer and Seller Domain get sold at a winning bid of $1,000. The winning bidder is charged $10, and the domain owner is charged $10.