Rules Overview

Listing your domain on Fusu means that you retain full control, but still get liquidity from selling up to 45% of your domain.Here is an overview of the rules of the Domain Stock Exchange. Please note that the full, legally binding version, is found in the Fusu Terms and Conditions, and this is provided for informational purposes only.

  1. By listing your domain with Fusu, you agree to sell pro-rated rights to future sale revenue or parking revenue from the domain. Fusu reserves the right to deny listings on the domain stock exchange.
  2. You retain ownership, and as the owner you can decide to sell your domain. The shareholders are, however, entitled to a percentage of the sale price, according to their share ownership. If the domain sale price is less than 150% of the current market value, you are required to get approval from at least 90% of the shareholders. If the domain sale price is more than 150%, you can accept a sale at any time, and the existing shareholders will be bought out.
  3. When you place an Initial Domain Listing, you cannot buy shares yourself. You can, however, buy shares in a domain that you own from other shareholders.
  4. Domains that promote or praise hatred, violence, pornography, racial or religious intolerance may not be listed.

As a domain investor and shareholder, the following policies apply:

  1. Bids are binding and valid until the expiration time specified. During this time, you cannot cancel the bid or change your bid price.