The domain market was set to growth when the NSI registrar monopoly was broken up in 1998, and the entrance of multiple registrars led to increase in competition and decrease in prices. Today, at least 140 million domains are registered, a 31% increase over the first quarter of 2006.

Analysts believe the industry's market value could reach $4 billion by 2010 as people continue to purchase approximately 90,000 domains a day.

Because so few good names are still available, domains have become the real estate of the 21st century.

In the year 2006, over $130 million were spent buying domains from previous owner on auction platforms and private brokerages. This year has seen sales such as for seniors.com for $1,8 million, scores.com for $1,18 million or dollars.com for $650,000.

With the influx of experienced investors and the growth of industry leaders, Fusu expects that while the market is bound to grow over the next years, it will also mature in processes and standards. Already the markets knows brokerages, auction platforms and leveraged financing instruments. The addition of a stock exchange brings further transparency and reliability to the market.